It takes a lot of time and resources to offer the latest and best in cosmetic dermatology. Researching and learning the new technologies is just the beginning.

As Drs. John DeSpain and Kimberly Cayce at DeSpain Cayce Dermatology Center and Medical Spa have discovered, it can be even more challenging to educate patients on the benefits of advanced offerings.

“It turns out it’s rather difficult to describe procedures like Ultherapy® or CoolSculpting® in a 30-second radio spot or even in a 1,000-word brochure,” DeSpain says. “Even on our website, it’s been very difficult to convey the scope of what we do. So we were excited to see how this innovative concept of custom publishing would let us tell our story and educate our patients on the services and products we have available in a more expansive and compelling way.”

Creating a Plan

DeSpain and Cayce began their partnership with ICM Custom Publishing Solutions with a meeting Cayce explained that while their practice has two sides, a medical side for patients facing skin cancer, eczema and other skin-related medical concerns, and a cosmetic side for patients wanting to improve their skin’s appearance, the doctors wanted the magazine to focus on the cosmetic offerings. The goals would be to familiarize patients and potential patients with the cosmetic practice and to provide them with easy-tounderstand articles on the products and services.

ICM brainstormed with DeSpain and Cayce to arrive at a content plan, which would include a welcome, a history of the practice, an introduction to the staff, a glossary of products and services, three articles focused on one particular service each, and a page of testimonials.

Someone picking up the magazine would find lots of helpful information on cosmetic dermatology services in general, while coming to see DeSpain and Cayce as trusted experts in the field.

Engaging the Process

At the project’s start, DeSpain admits, he had some concerns.

“I was concerned about the capability of nonmedical people writing and presenting medical information in a clear manner,” he says. “I was also concerned about the amount of work that appeared to be involved in collaborating with the ICM team. As a very, very busy person, I was afraid I wouldn’t have the time to do it.”

But, he says, he soon saw that the ICM team had developed a process that allowed him and Cayce to have input without their time and attention being in constant demand. “All of my concerns were alleviated,” DeSpain says. “I found the technical expertise of the writer, her judgment and command of the vocabulary to be very good. She did her research and didn’t bother us with any unnecessary questions. Then there was the timeline. That helped us stay on track and kept the project from ever feeling overwhelming. As far as the time involved, it was much less than I expected because the people involved — from the writer to the editor to the designer — were very efficient and very careful about the amount of time they demanded from Dr. Cayce and myself. The use of technology was great; it let us share information immediately, and we appreciated the flexibility. The team was willing to communicate during evening and weekend hours so that we didn’t have to sacrifice time with our patients.”

Celebrating Results

To publicize their new marketing tool, DeSpain and Cayce invited patients and friends to a magazine launch party. The crowd ooed and aahed over the magazine, Beautiful, and DeSpain and Cayce knew they had hit a home run.

“We’ve been surprised to see patients visiting our office with the Beautiful magazine in their hands, with notes and questions about the various procedures described,” DeSpain says. “This is the most sophisticated print piece we’ve ever had, and we’re able to use it for current patients and prospective patients, in the office and at events, and we’ve also done a direct mailing to people we’ve not seen in a while to try to entice them to come back. We’re excited to have such a professional, impressive, beautiful magazine representing our practice.”

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