“We use ICM Custom Publishing Solutions to produce our alumni magazine and we’ve had nothing but a good experience with their team. We moved to ICM from another company to produce our alumni magazine and the switch was seamless. I don’t think our readers noticed at all. In fact, we have received many unsolicited comments from our alumni about the publishing and much they love the piece. It’s a great working relationship. They’re also very patient with us. As a higher education institution, we have many people who are involved in the approval process and that takes time. Not every company understands that, but ICM Custom Publishing Solutions does. This year, our magazine was recognized with a Case Award For Excellence and A Marcom Award.”

Susan Davis, Alumni Director, Columbia College

“At first, producing such a professional magazine four times a year seemed like a daunting challenge. However, with their expertise in publishing, ICM Custom Publishing Solutions created an easy-to-follow schedule that guided us through the project. They’re services also went far beyond what we expected. In addition to design and printing, they provide copyediting and one-on-one consulting to ensure each magazine is top quality.”

Ben Cornelius, Director of Marketing, Boone Hospital Center

“We wanted a high-quality, high-impact piece — something that isn’t just going to be tossed in the trash as soon as customers have gone through the mail. We saw a magazine as something that would stick around on the coffee table, and it would be a reminder to our potential customers of who we are and how we’re helping veterans and why we’re a great choice for their mortgage. The collaboration was amazing. The questions the ICM Custom Publishing Solutions team asked in developing the content plan were really great questions and made us evaluate a lot of things we do and how we speak to our audience in our other marketing efforts.”

Kris Farmer, chief marketing officer, Veterans United Home Loans

“There were two things that I really appreciated about how ICM Custom Publishing Solutions handled our project. One was they gave us a timeline. It’s one thing to have this ambitious idea of, ‘Hey, we want to share our story,’ but the team said, ‘OK, here’s how that will work.’ It gave us a road map. Then the other thing was how the team got us in terms of what we wanted to communicate and how it related to the various visual elements — how to lay it out, what pictures to include, what pictures not to include, how to do the fonts and the columns — things I don’t know much about, but they said, ‘Here are some of the things that might communicate on a subtle level the values you are trying to illustrate through your story.’ So they took the time to do more than just produce the magazine.”

Pieter Van Waarde, senior pastor of Woodcrest

“Going in, I was concerned that we would have to do all the writing ourselves, and that was taken care of when ICM Custom Publishing Solutions brought in a writer. She did a great job of working with us to get the articles that we wanted. We could give feedback on what she wrote, and she would go from there, so the whole process was made very easy for us. “We didn’t want an overt advertisement but rather a professional presentation of who we are and what we do. There’s a fine distinction between those two, but we achieved it in an attractive, informational magazine.”

Glenn McElroy, executive director at Columbia Surgical Associates Inc.

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