Custom magazines are far from being a passive, boring direct mail campaign that just gets tossed in the trash. A custom magazine is a great way to reach potential or existing clients and let them know about your products and services in a comfortable, familiar way that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch.

There are also plenty of secondary benefits you may not even realize publishing a custom magazine can bring to the table. Here are six that can be key to any businesses’ success:

1. Dive into the detail you need

A 30 second radio or TV spot doesn’t give you much time to explain your product or service if it’s more complex or technical, but a magazine can combine text, images, photography and charts to clearly explain everything in eye-catching and memorable ways. You’ll also be able to break out feature lists, advantages and unique selling points in interesting, informative ways that can spur leads to become customers.

2. Showcase real life examples and stories

Through the use of customer testimonials and profiles and case studies enriched with professional photographs and stunning layout, let readers see exactly how your products and services work and affect the lives of those who use them. These types of profiles help build an emotional connection with potential customers and also show them the relevance your organization has to them.

3. Trigger additional sales and revenue

Since you have more space to dedicate to multiple facets of your products and services, you can also include information about related products and services or even spark a reader’s interest with alternative ones that might appeal to a different or more narrow type of customer. All of these tactics can result in repeat business, customers upgrading to higher service tiers or product models or gaining the business of someone you might not have gotten with a single-focus marketing piece.

4. Showcase your company’s employees and community connections

In addition to outlining your products and services, a custom magazine is also a great chance to showcase employees to help customers “put a face with the name” as well as spotlight your charity and volunteer efforts in the local community. A well crafted custom magazine interwaves this type of content to create a fun and easy to digest mix of content that people will enjoy reading while keeping the content easy to read and preventing readers from feeling overwhelmed.

5. Identify potential customers who are ready to act or need more information

By including strategic calls to action within your content, you can identify potential customers and their specific areas of product or service interest and even estimate their purchase timeframes. Magazine articles and other content can also allow readers to request additional information, visit an online resource or call for more details, all of which can be tracked to provide detailed analytics and realtime feedback into what resonates best with readers.

6. Build brand awareness

By placing quality and informative content in the hands of potential customers, you’ll be building trust with them and letting them know about your company or organization and its products or services. You’ll also benefit by keeping your brand and company name in front of customers who may not be ready to convert — and a continuously published magazine keeps that connection active.

Publishing a custom magazine lets your company or organization enter the exciting new arena of content marketing. Coupled with the experts at ICM Custom Publishing Solutions, you’ll be able to create a magazine that you’re not only product of, but brings in positive returns on your investment.

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